Michael Christopher Abt, Jr.

This is my 12 year old son, Michael Christopher Abt Jr. who died March 10, 2006 from sudden cardiac arrest while in school. He was a healthy, happy, popular, friendly, active, fit young boy, and a straight A student who loved school. He had an annual physical, played little league baseball, competed in math, loved skateboarding, and motor-cross dirt biking competitions. He swam like a fish and did flips on the trampoline and was just learning to ride horses. He loved mudding in our jeep on the farm mud hole. He played a bass guitar in a band which did fundraisers for the Red Cross; he adored animals and nature and he had recently applied to volunteer at the local Humane Society.  He looked forward to learning to scuba dive and sky-dive. The day he died, he simply collapsed playing capture the flag in P.E. class at his school!  Several coaches, teachers, administrators, and the school health aide ran out from the office to assist. They took turns performing CPR, but no one thought to bring out the defibrillator which was in the nurses’ office, in an unmarked cabinet, in an unmarked backpack.  Our son may still be alive IF there was a Plan of Action, Proper Training and better communication.  The EMT’s took 18 minutes to arrive and immediately performed a shock with an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).  It was too late! No pulse was ever heard from my son again.

 It is for this reason that my husband Michael Abt Sr. and I have started a foundation in the name of our son, the "Michael Abt Jr. Have a Heart Foundation." We provide AED's, training to teachers & coaches, and perform heart screenings for at risk youths. It is our belief that if an AED was used, it may have been able to save Michael's life.  

We hope none of you ever have to go through the tragic loss our family has, this may have been an avoidable heartbreak.  By taking action today, the next life saved could be someone you love!